2024 Word of the Year

Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on March 06 2024

For the past two years (2022-2023) my word of the year was flourish. Moving from 2022 to 2023 I felt like I wasn’t finished “Flourishing” as so many projects were just taking off. I feel I truly did flourish in those two years. I began getting the hang of wholesale and trade shows, launching new collections consistently and cohesively, moving my studio (and home) while managing inventory, a new addition to the family and so much other growth.

This year, for 2024, my word of the year is “nourish” (only by happenstance does it rhyme!) I want to pour myself into projects that truly nourish my soul. I plan to nourish my business by getting much more organized (finally after my multi year pending move!) physically in my office as well as behind the scenes with marketing and systems and processes that feel right for me. I can’t wait to do a lot more painting this year as well. I plan to nourish my painting skills by trying new techniques, letting loose and painting from the heart (versus forcing the subject), and pour through some old art books that have been gathering dust.

Nourishing my existing relationships has been top of mind recently. I’ve decided to not force travel for trade shows this year so the year will unfold a little differently. I’m encouraged by the time and efforts I’m saving by pumping the breaks on Atlanta market and Dallas market prep so I can truly reflect on my previous time there and connections made. I hope to use this to focus on how to serve my retailers better in-between launches. I want my future launches to be well thought out and special to me as well as practical to my audiences. I hope these changes will be reflected in my work as I make every effort to bring forth even more art by simplifying ways to reach out, work with me and recognize instantly what I can do for you.



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