Working in Collections

Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on May 20 2020

I introduced a tangible product line into my business in 2018. It wasn't until 2019 I started releasing products as collections and it has made such a difference. Batching the work in this way creates a story for the audience with a cohesive look and style. If they like one item they can quickly see more similar and the progression you made. From a working standpoint it makes things so much more organized. I make decisions quicker on whether something is working or not based on the other pieces and their synchronicity.

When patterns and graphics work together it is easier for the buyer to visualize how the pieces can work within their life. I titled this collection "Island Glam" which was sparked by a previous piece I wanted to elaborate on- the Flamingo tote and towel.


This tropical collection has more pineapples and palms and even introduced some deco elements that I discovered prevalent when I researched Palm Beach. 

Here are just a few of the items I created to display these prints, patterns and graphics:

It's almost hard to believe all these paper - fabric - ceramic pieces originated from these scraps of paintings

but process shots are some of my favorites. I already know that these illustrations sparked some new collections that are in the works. Thanks for reviewing! -Mal



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