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Snail Mail Boxes

Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on February 11 2015

I was just recently talking to a friend about BirchBox and BarkBox and the other potential goodies people can receive through subscription boxes when I saw today on 100 Layer Cake's blog the new StudioWed Box. There are always new exciting things popping up for people planning their weddings making me, as well as others who are now married, envious. StudioWed Box looks like it could be the treat every planner needs. Don't get me wrong, I loved the planning process, but it can definitely start to feel like a second job. The thought of having a box of goodies to help right when things get stressful could help keep your sanity! Samples and feedback along the way might just be worth the splurge-or it could make a great engagement gift. Check them out!





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