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Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on April 06 2016

Previously, on my MALWEST Facebook page, I shared a logo I recently finished designing for my client, Tailored Campaigns (I couldn't wait to share the final product!) Here it is if you missed it:


I have actually been working with Tailored Campaigns for a while now but just this year did I have the honor of creating its visual identity. Jennie Mazur, of Tailored Campaigns, is a badass writer, event coordinator, brand strategist and much more, so I can't wait to see all that comes from Tailored Campaigns. Jennie and I have been collaborating on projects for years so this branding developed organically and with great ease. Tailored Campaigns is contemporary, active and creative in its approach, which is invaluable to businesses looking to grow their market presence.

Today I am sharing some digital sketches for the Tailored Campaign logo that were done during the branding process. I love seeing the evolution of brands and hope you do too! Full writeup and complete brand identity images coming to the "work" page: selected projects soon.

xo, Mal

Branding Logo Sketches



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