Why I'm not Reflecting on 2019

Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on January 20 2020

So, if you’re like many many people you’re in the throws of setting and trying to keep New Year’s resolutions, New Year planning, New Year goals etc. I’m totally doing the same thing! I’m just not going to base my plans and goals on last year simply because I don’t think it will set me up for success this year.

Like so many via social media posts, my 2019 was not my best year yet. It was not the highlight of my decade. It is not how I want my years to be handled moving forward. I don’t think it was filled with failure or any valuable lessons that I need to ponder and apply. It was just a necessary year that kept the needle moving forward. I hesitate to even say it was a growing year because it did not grow my business (yes it grew my family, literally, and I grew, of course, from my experiences.) I did not double my income, work less and make more or totally set myself up for success in the future. It was just a year of survival and making it through.

Before this gets to sounding totally depressing and discouraging I will say that I wouldn’t change 2019 for anything! It was a really big year for my family that didn’t bring a lot of “down time” but left me a lot of waking hours for reflection on what I want and need from my business and the ways I can make everything work. You could say I did a lot of strategizing that I wasn’t able to test and apply. I learned the ways in which I needed to push myself and when too much is too much. 2019 brought me a beautiful baby boy that is the perfect yin to my yang (which is perfect because my toddler is EXACTLY like me.) He’s the little bundle of perfectness that I never knew I needed and can’t get enough of (I could gush forever!) I learned how to be a more supportive spouse and mother and really fill in the gaps of our home life.

This may sound like reflection (which yes, it is) it’s not quite what I would usually do. In the past I’ve highlighted every month, reviewed my favorite projects and highest/lowest paid initiatives, reviewed my clients and best practices, reworked the previous year’s calendar and ultimately used the previous year as a starting place for the New Year’s planning. I’m not doing ANY of those things and I’ve decided I’ll be all the better for it. I’m moving forward and only taking the best practices that stand out from all previous years and applying those for a fresh take. It is a new decade, after all!

So you do you! Don’t let anyone tell you that you need all the vision boards, every goal documented and hashed out in order to move forward.



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