Word of the Year 2021

Written by Mallory Coats


Posted on February 02 2021

I've had my WOTY picked out for a while now with the much anticipation of the new year (goodbye 2020!) Coming out of a year like 2020 I knew I wanted to be more deliberate with my goals and routine. I feel like the adjustment/grace period is ending now that everyone is forced to deal with the "new norm" (which is just accepting that there is no norm and consistency) and I still have to plan and strategize my time. It's important for me to define what I want to accomplish and how I will reach my big goals. 

By now January has come and gone but 2021 started out with such a Bang! for me I've quickly had to pivot and readjust. Some major goals were already beginning to get ticked off my list and I was forced to begin thinking, "what's next?!" Dreaming bigger and finding those next steps is a terrific problem to have but definitely something you need a moment to wrap your head around. Being pushed into uncharted waters is an even bigger reason to look at things with intention. 

The first big goal that was met was launching wholesale. This was something that kept getting pushed to the back burner but now I'll always be eternally grateful to Rusted Arrow Mercantile, a local shop in downtown Pensacola that saw potential in my work. They gave me the final nudge I needed to finalize my wholesale and start a great working relationship with them. It is so great to work with them because they are such a creative team who are making things happen for Pensacola and the creative community. You can witness their creativity from first glance at their store window displays but upon entering and looking further you realize they are serving their customers and community in many valuable ways. If you're local or in the area you must stop by on Palafox Street! 

Another big dream/goal I've had is to sell my original artwork. In January I had my first inquiry (not from a family member!) This was an amazing first step to my big goal of launching original art collections. More to come on this goal later in the year!

January has been filled with a lot of hustle and this comes at a good time to focus on my WOTY, intention. I'm cleaning up my processes and procedures to prepare for the even bigger goals and keep things thriving. Maintaining steady growth in work that I love is ideal and I intend to keep pushing myself and my limits in order to make my best, most creative work that in turn works for you! 



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